Every child learns differently. Coming from a family of fifteen, eleven of whom were adopted, my parents had to understand and use a variety of different learning tools to help each child excel. One tool my parents used to help us socially, educationally and in daily functionality was sensory-stimulating objects, or fidgets. In using a fidget, the brain activates more than one sense, which ultimately helps a person retain more information, increase engagement, decrease aggression, and learn more efficiently. These types of tools can indeed aid in a child’s learning; however, they are rarely used in mainstream learning techniques because they can be distracting to other children. 
Kiddo is a clothing brand where a child can engage with what they wear. For Parents, this clothing will take away the frustration of collecting toys or distractions for their child every time they leave the house. By incorporating sensory stimulation right into the clothing, Kiddo will entertain and engage your child just by simply wearing this clothing.​​​​​​​
Dino Zip Tee
The fun graphic of a dinosaur skeleton eating a slice of pizza will get your child excited about what they are wearing. With the zipper on the trim, the sense of touch is just enough to help your child quickly and effectively, control their energy levels by calming hyperactivity in the brain. Zippers are unique in that they activate both senses of touch and sound. The zipper would be customizable too with which side of the body your child will like it on. The best part is, because it is on the trim, it does not become a distraction for other students.
Custom Mountain Hoodie
Silicone brush- By rubbing the silicone brush gently against the child’s skin, it gives the child a sense of calmness. By being placed on the inside of the sleeve, it makes the brush unable to be seen when the child is standing with their arms by their side. 
Chewable Drawstrings-  Silicone is an easy component to wash, wear, and chew. By adding silicone pieces to the drawstrings, it provides a similar stimulation of chewing on a piece of gum. This addition allows your child to chew and destroy none of their other clothing. 
Velcro- I added this material based on my personal experiences. When I was younger I used to scratch my back whenever I was in a stressful situation. With this velcro addition, children would be able to scratch and get that same sensation without hurting themselves.
Spinner- A wheel is connected to the garment with a button. Both the wheel and the button can spin clockwise and counterclockwise. This small detail of the wheel is really soothing and helps kids that find comfort in repetition. 
Wheels- Textured beads are a simple way to keep active hands busy in a classroom setting. Incorporating these textured beads into the garment, it makes it easier for your child to not become a distraction to others.
Secret Pocket- The secret pocket is for kids that already know what they like. Sometimes sensory objects can be more personal and serve as a security blanket. With this secret pocket, your child can put the object safely in their pouch.
Space with marble tee 
This t-shirt is an acrylic spandex blend material, great for kids that find cotton blends to be irritating. The adventurous outer space pattern encourages kids to be excited about science. Located on the trim of the shirt, the material changes to be a woven pouch with a small marble inside. As the child moves the marble back and forth, it becomes a calming stimulus for them. The change of material is almost unrecognizable which makes this tee incredibly versatile. It is great for kids to wear during a presentation or while just listening in the classroom.
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